The prettiest villages in the Ariège

The prettiest villages in the Ariège


The warm, welcoming and colourfulmedieval town of Mirepoix in the Ariège is well worth the visit in any season. Thischarming town is ​​located in the heart of the Cathar Pyrenees, an area listed for its art and history. Located 45 minutes from Camping l’Arize, Mirepoix is a highlight of the Ariège! Visit the pretty central square,lined with half-timbered houses and soak up the bustling atmosphere of the cafes and shops nestled under the covered walkways. Just imagine— the oak pillars of the walkways are over 800 years old!

You’ll also love sampling the local, organic produceat the renowned Monday market in the beautiful village hall.

To really make the most of your Monday you can also visit the enchanting Vals church, which is carved into the rocks,explore Lagarde castle, and take a refreshing break at lake Montbel...


Located on a small hill in the Salat valley above St Girons, St Lizier is overlooked by the imposing silhouette of the 14th century bishops' palace, facing out over the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees.

This ancient Gallo-Roman town, which became the seat of an important bishopric from the 6th century, is classedas one of the most beautiful villages in France.

To visit:

St Lizier Church and its collection of 11th century frescoes, the Romanesque cloister adjoining the Church, the 18th century pharmacy, the Treasury of the Bishops of Couserans, and the little cobbled lanes with their vertical pebbles lining their sides, bordered by old half-timbered houses.


A typical village of the Ariège mountains, crossed by the river Salat.

The village is overlooked by the "Chateau du Roy," a 16th century castle.


A small, sleepy village in the Volvestre set amidstbucolic, undulating countryside, where you can explore the ruins of the keep, the machicolations, curtain walls, arrow slits and town gates. Beautiful remains which lead us to think that Tourtouse once knew greater days. Under the Ancien Régime, Tourtouse wasknown asthe "stately land of the bishops of Couserans" and Prince Bishop Bruno de Ruade had a wing of the old castle and the church rebuilt here on the site of the old castle chapel.


This small village of around 300 inhabitants is one of the few villages built in a circle around the Church. In medieval times this offered the inhabitants better defences. A ditch which is now filled once formed an external line of defence around the village and the square church tower served as the last refuge for the inhabitants in the event of an attack. St Martin d´Oydes is situated amidst the hills of Terrefort near Pamiers.


This fortress village is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Nestled around the castle abbey, it offers beautiful views over the green hillside where grapevines once grew. Located in the l’Hers valley on the edge of the Ariège, Camon is also known as the “village of a hundred roses” because of the many rosebushes that adorn the lanes and facades of the village.


Carla Bayle is an ancient fortified citadel built in the 14th century by Gaston Phoebus. Located on the edge of a hill, it is a peaceful village, offering beautiful views of the Pyrenees.

There are many artists’ workshops and galleries in the village. 

At the foot of the medieval village of Carla-Bayle is an 11 hectare swimmable lake. You can also explore a mountain bike trail and footpath from the lake.

Ayet en Bethmale

This little natural stone village with picturesque slate roofs, is nestled on the hillside,overlookingBethmale valley, which is known for its traditions, folklore, cheeses and clogs.

The village also boasts a beautiful 14th century church with awall belfry.

The village is particularly beautiful when you approach it from the Col de la Core mountain pass. On your way down, you can take a stop at Bethmale lake, which offers picnic tables and a trail around the lake.

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